Where does your food come from? A look at local grocery stores in Boulder, CO

By Katie Corcoran

Whether you shop at Safeway or Whole Foods Market it’s always of concern when questioning where your food comes from. Is it local? Organic? Natural? Take a look at some of Boulder’s own grocery stores and markets to figure out where your food originated before making it into the comfort of your own home.

Whole Foods Market – 303-545-6611, Pearl Street

  • Produce – Most comes from California and Washington. Potatoes, for example, come from California and Colorado
  • Meat – two providers of beef. There is the all natural country natural 100 family farm co op in Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. The panorama comes from the wind in Wyoming
  • Fish – get it from changing seas and in the Norwegian farm, farm raised, Seattle fish, pidgin cove

Ideal Market – 303-443-1354

  • Produce – comes from all over. Colorado Potatoes, as the season progresses we get them from one farm in Lassaou Colorado and they last until March. The harvest season for apples is pretty short so they come from Washington in the winter. Any apple you buy in the winter is coming from Washington in freezer storage. Summer hemisphere you’ll see apples from New Zealand and Chile
  • Meat – beef – organic beef (Wyoming about 6.5 hrs away) and all natural beef has ranches all over the western United States but mostly Idaho
  • Fish – fish from all over the world, most of the salmon comes from Alaska and the farm raised salmon comes from Norway

Sunflower Farmers Market 303-449-0777

  • Produce – Mostly from California, but oranges and grapefruits are from Texas. In the winter, the vegetables come from the northern part of Mexico. Apples are 90% from Washington. The only thing that’s local is dried peaches from the western slope. Local is from May to the middle of September
  • Meats & Seafood – beef is from Harris Ranch in California, and the chicken is from Wayne’s Farm in California.  Pork is from Seaboard Farms.  Fish is from various countries, either California, Equator or, for example, American Fresh Catfish is from Mississippi, trout is from Idaho, and wild snapper is from California

Jamba Juice 303-247-1170

  • Only fruits from South West Traders distribution in Denver

Xoom Juice 303-546-9666

  • Just fruits – Fruits come from distributor Dominico

King Soopers 303-499-4004, 303-938-9284

  • Meat – Beef from Nebraska Beef, Excel
  • Fish – All over the world, Seattle
  • Produce – California, most local stuff doesn’t really grow during the winter here for fruits there, but if it does there’s a grower here in CO

Lucky’s Market: Lucky’s Butcher Shop 303-444-0295

  • Meat – Myers
  • Produce – California, south America, Winter produce – California

Safeway Food & Drug 303-443-5888 – Arapahoe, 303-938-9284, 303-494-8851

  • Produce – Most of them from farms around Colorado, bananas- equador, apples-washington, oragnes- new zeland, south Africa, Arizona, California
  • Meat – All meat comes from Excel
  • Fish – all different companies from Washington, Portland, Alaska

While Oats Natural Marketplace – 303-499-7636

  • Produce – DDC Denver Distributer Center, where they find local vendors
  • Meat & Fish –Meat comes from all over. Local companies are any company within an eight hour drive. Not all of the beef is local but their organic grass fed program comes from Arapahoe Ranch in Wyoming. Almost everything is labeled. They have sausages from Denver and smoked salmon on the way up to Estes Park. Wild Oats labels everything on the tags so the easiest way is to figure out where a product comes from is in the store.

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